You're thinking about divorce. You daydream about being single and free from the fights/loneliness/tension/him.

Yet, you love. Your family, your partner -what you’ve built together. So many reasons to keep trying.

You need to sort this shit out, and it’s some heavy shit.

Here is what you can do with I Want Out...I think:

  • Let it all out. The feelings you stuff down. Say your truth out loud. Be heard.  
  • Find a way to move forward.
  • Tap into the support you need away from your community, your friends and your mom.
  • Map a path to help heal the hurt and welcome in more JOY.

What I offer:

  • A confidante to walk the journey of “what if’s” with you.
  • Censor-free conversations.
  • Get clear about how you feel.
  • Get clear about what you want from here on out.

What I am not:

  • Pro-divorce
  • Pro-marriage
  • Tell you what to do/right answer
  • Marriage counselor
  • Attorney
  • Miracle worker

You will receive:

  • Guidance on how to move through fear and resentment and into empowerment and joy
  • Tools to help get clear about what you want and need
  • Mapping out the best next steps is for you and your family

Weekly calls and support for 4-week process - $549.00

I stopped waiting for the world to give me what I wanted; I started giving it to myself.
— Byron Katie