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It is almost hard to put into words how I feel about Katie.  She is like a warm blanket of love and transformation.  When you enter into coaching with Katie you can be assured that you will feel powerfully seen and encouraged.  Yet amidst all that kindness she is a skilled professional that will lead you firmly out of your crap and into being a shinier version of yourself.  I also love that Katie herself never stops learning, this makes each session with her fresh and meaningful.
Denise Nelson, Intuitive Life Coach - Huntsville, Alabama

There are not many people with whom I trust my heart. Katie Wise is one of them. How she scored having a name like Katie Wise and being a kick-ass life coach, I don't know! But it totally describes her. She is wise, and kind, and a gentle yet very effective coach. She will help you slow down and sit with what is uncomfortable, like scary dreams or those really hard moments in a relationship that hurt your feelings and leave your bruised, but with Katie's guidance you are able to extract the helpful message and move forward into your life with more clarity and joy.
Courtney Pinkerton, Life Coach - Granada, Nicaragua

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'My experience with Katie is her full presence with her open and warm heart, she has this ability to hold space for me with such safety and confidence.  I appreciate how she can cut through the bullshit and sense into the piece of the issue with which I am struggling.  Whether it's navigating a difficult transition, relationship or decision, or dealing with that destructive inner critic, I can count on her intuitive guidance and solid support.  She also sees the issue in pictures and has this amazing way with metaphors which allows me to see my situation with new perspective and great clarity.  After a session with Katie, I always feel much lighter and have a clearer path to move forward.  I am so grateful for how she has changed my life!'
Beth Lynch, RN, APN, Energy Practitioner - Wilmette, Illinois