Your dog drove your car into a tree that was really a giant snake who looked like your grandmother.  

You live underwater and married a fish-who was an old college boyfriend- and you teach knitting to mermaids.  

What can this all mean? Take a closer look at your nighttime productions, and you might be very surprised.

Your subconscious speaks to you via dreams using metaphor as it’s language. When we try to understand our dreams from our awake mind we often find them disturbing, left feeling scared, confused, or uneasy.  

I have found in my experience that these frightening or intense dreams, when interpreted, are usually benign, helpful nudges for you to look a little deeper at something in your waking life.

Inspired by Carl Jung, Martha Beck created a tool that helps the dreamer dig into the elements of the dream to mine golden nuggets of healing, knowledge and enlightenment. Your dreams. Created by you. For you.

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What you’ll receive:

  • Guided dream interpretation
  • Coaching to apply dream awareness to waking life
  • Written analysis after session

Don’t dream?

You do. Everyone does.

Need help remembering your dreams? Schedule a complimentary dream prep session. I’ll share tactics to help you capture the amazing messages of your dreams!

Come experience the dream-superhighway to your own knowledge and wisdom!

 1.25 Hour session + written analysis follow-up - $145.00

Sleep is the best meditation.
— Dalai Lama