I am Katie Wise, Intuitive Life Coach and Spiritual Cheerleader.  My work is to help clients reconnect with their essential self by listening intuitively to their own wisdom. My journey to this work really unfolded as I began the transition from stay at home mom back to the world of work. I found that I could not silo all my "parts," that of mom, spouse, and professional, friend, daughter- without feeling phony and exhausted. I had a deep yearning to live more authentically, which meant showing up fully as my whole self in a transparent way. I found my compass via the Martha Beck Life Coach Training, which I completed in May 2015. This, coupled with my masters degree in counseling and a healthy scoop of spiritual growing pains has propelled me to this portion of my journey: Supporting women ready to make the shift away from perpetual "doing" into the universal flow of  "being" while still showing up for those you love and support.  Want to know more?  Schedule your Complimentary Discovery Call Here.

Imperfections are not inadequacies; they are reminders that we are all in this together.
— Brené Brown